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Knitting update

So after teasing the knitters out there with photos of half-finished socks and scarves, I figured I should show the finished (or near-finished) objects. So . . .

Ta-dah! The Jaywalker socks (finished) and the Hasty Scarf (unfinished):

JaywalkersThe hasty scarf











The scarf just needs fringe on both ends. I’m halfway there, though I’ve had some fringe-length issues. (And yes, that’s me in an old, dirty T-shirt and my pyjama bottoms.) The socks are done, and nearly perfect. There’s a little flaw in the toe of the second one, but I love them anyway. It’s the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern, which makes them pretty special, I think.

Once the scarf is finished, I will be devoting my knitting hours to my financé’s (fiancé! I’m still not used to that word) sweater. Here’s a sneak peak:

Fiancé sweater  It’s my own striping design based on a simple set-in sleeve sweater pattern. Problem is, I want to   insert a 7″ zipper at the neck. Which is not in the simple sweater pattern. I’ll be looking for help     in Ravelry for this one, I think.


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